About our CEO

Harry Kaprielian the President and CEO of Canadex International Trading is of Armenian and Middle Eastern origin, born in Beirut Lebanon and living in Canada since 1976 has significant contacts with Middle East influential businessmen and developed personal relationships with CEO’s of the largest companies based in North America. He speaks fluent Arabic, English, French, Armenian and has hundreds of customers in his database.
Part of his influence and strong contacts in the region is due to his fathers pioneering  in the industry.

Harry Kaprielian travels extensively and has strong contacts with owners and buyers in many countries all over the world. Mr. Kaprielian was prior the Vice President of a national retail company currently operating around 400 stores across Canada. 

Company Profile

Canadex is an integrated company establishing retail and wholesale outlets around the world in fields of fashion.

Canadex is one of unique Companies that offers a broad array of consumer products across the entire spectrum of consumer tastes, preferences and price points. Established in 1976, Canadex International Trading has operated under the leadership of Mr. Harry Kaprielian and has added some of the brightest brands to its portfolio.