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Established in 1976, Canadex International Trading has operated under the leadership of Mr. Harry Kaprielian and has added some of the brightest brands to its portfolio.

We participate and attend the more recognized and successful North American, European and Middle Eastern trade shows and exhibitions. Our presence has resulted in making Canadex widely known among the buyers, marketers and administrators of the largest group of companies worldwide.

Canadex's frequent presence in the world markets is greatly appreciated by our clientele and has resulted in establishing tremendous confidence and a solid commitment with many of the largest department & specialty stores as well as with some wholesale importers.


Canadex offers a variety of items and products

Canadex offers an unlimited amount of well selected product lines that are tried and true. We are here to make sure our customer’s orders are exactly as placed and observe a quality control that is second to none.

Dealing through Canadex is more beneficial to the buyer/ importer as the buying volume of Canadex will bring to our customers a great advantage in price reductions, and will bring to our clients a considerable reduction of time and money since the client is dealing with one office instead of many, resulting in minimizing the efforts and costs of operations.

You as a customer will be much more important to a firm offering a variety of product lines, than to an individual manufacturer, as your total buying volume can be much greater due to the range of items Canadex carries. We believe in the same basic strategy of investing in quality brands that have proven themselves over time. We understand that this approach may be considered old-fashioned in this day and age, but if it means helping investors maximize their profits, it's an approach we're going to stick to.

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